This section contains the audit trail screen from where you can view all changes made in the PIM section i.e. Additions, modifications and deletions of employee data. This section also records employee Punch In and Punch Out events and it contains the following screens

  • View Audit Trail

View Audit Trail

This screen shows additions, modifications and deletions made across the following PIM screens

  • Personal Details
  • Contact Details
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Family Members
  • Passport and VISAs
  • Reporting Lines
  • Qualifications
  • Memberships
  • Role History
  • Earning History
  • Bank Details
  • Employee Software

It also shows all Punch In and Punch Out events originating from the users of the system

Below is a description of some of the information presented on this screen

  • Action Timestamp: This is the time action took place
  • Username: This is the user who made the change
  • Action Type: The type of action that was carried out as described below
    • Insert: Addition of an employee record
    • Modify: An amendment to an employee record
    • Delete: A deletion of an employee record
    • Punch In: A punch in event initiated by the employee
    • Punch Out: A punch out event initiated by the employee
    • Log Clear: A deletion of all records on the audit log
  • Employee Name: This is the name of the employee whose record was changed
  • Source: This is the PIM section within which the change was made or the source of the information
  • Description: A description of the changes made.

Exporting Audit Trail

An authorised user can export the audit trail in PDF, DOC or XLS formats. Select the required format from the dropdown list an then click the “Export” button – See Exporting Reports section for more details.