The PIM replaces the traditional employee file and contains all information about the employee held on file and it is divided into sections (See Employee List). Each section has fields related to that section and should be more than adequate, in instances where a field is required but not provided, then a custom field can be created for that purpose. This screen allows the creation of custom fields for any PIM section subject to a maximum of 12 per section.

From this screen you can add, edit or delete a custom field

Creating Custom Fields

To create a Custom Field, navigate to PIM > Configuration > Custom Fields, Click on “Add” and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

  • PIM Custom Field Name: This is the unique name of this Custom Field
  • Section: Select the PIM section where this custom field will be shown
  • Field Type: This is the type of field that will be shown in the specified section as described below
    • Textbox: This is ideal for an open field in which any text can be entered
    • Dropdown: This is ideal for providing defined list of options
  • Required Fields: Check this box to require input for this custom field otherwise leave unchecked
  • Values: This contains the options which will be provided in a “dropdown” type custom field, this values must be separated with semi-colons (;)
  • Save Button: Click this button to save changes.
  • Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel changes.
Editing Custom Fields

To edit a Custom Field, navigate to PIM > Configuration > Custom Fields. Click on a Custom Field and change the information as required (See Creating Custom Fields). When done, click the “Save” button to save changes or the “Cancel” button to discard changes.

Deleting Custom Fields

To delete a Custom Field, navigate to PIM > Configuration > Custom Fields. Select the checkbox beside the Custom Field(s) you want to delete and the click the “Delete” button.