On the Device

  • Click the “Menu” button (Manager finger print may be required to access the menu)
  • Select “User” by clicking the “ok” button
  • Select “Enroll” by clicking the “ok” button
  • Take note of the “User ID” (You will need it later)
  • Click Ok till you see “Finger” selection
  • Select Finger by clicking the “ok” button
  • Ask employee to place his / her finger all the way into the fingerprint window and follow the prompts on the screen
  • When complete, Click “Ok” to register another finger or press “Esc” till you return to the home screen

On Bizosoft HRM

  • Get the employee ID for each of the employees registered above (PIM > Employee List)

On the BioTrak Software

  • Click the “File” button
  • Select “Settings”
  • Enter the required password (Default is “0000”) and click “Done”
  • Click on “Manage User” button
  • From the ensuing screen, select the relevant device from the Device dropdown list
  • Enter the user ID (the one you took note when registering the employee’s fingerprint)
  • Select the required privilege for this user (Select “Super User” for Administrator  or “User” for all other employees)

o   Super User: Has access to all sections of the device

o   Enrol User: Has access to register new user but cannot modify system settings

o   User: No access to the Menu screen

o   View User: Can view settings but cannot make modifications

  • Enter the employee ID obtained from Bizsoft HRM in the “Username” field
  • Click “Set User Info” button
  • The System will show a success message
  • Repeat the steps above for each registered employee
  • Close all settings page when done (Don’t shut down the BioTrak software unless you have it running on another system otherwise your attendance data will not be automatically uploaded to your Bizsoft Instance)