Once a leave type has been assigned to an employee (automatically or manually), the employee can apply for leave units to be assigned pending approval. This screen allows an employee to apply for leave unit assignment or edit a leave application before it is approved. Note: Where a leave spans public holiday or non-working day, there will be no leave units used for the affected days except where the leave’s calculation basis is set to “Calendar Days” (See Creating Leave Types)

Applying for leave

Navigate to the leave application screen by clicking Leave > Apply for Leave. Click on Add and fill in the details as described below

  • Leave Type: Select the relevant leave type from the list
  • Leave Period: Select the relevant leave period from the list
  • Unit Type: Displays the unit type for the currently selected leave type i.e. Hours or Days
  • B/F Leave: Leave units brought forward from previous year
  • Current Period: Leave units for the current period
  • Leave Balance: This is the total number of leave units left unassigned
  • Accrued Leave: This is the total number of leave units accrued to date
  • Start Date: Enter the start date for the current leave assignment
  • End Date: Enter the end date for the current leave assignment
  • Half Day: Specifies whether the leave is just for half a work day or not
  • Leave Taken: This is the current number of leave units to be taken calculated based on the current Start and End dates
  • Comment: Any relevant comments
  • Handover notes: Click the “Browse” button and then select the relevant handover notes, click “update” button to attach the notes
  • Save Button: Click this button to save changes.
  • Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel changes.
  • Calculate Leave: Click this button to calculate the Leave taken field.

Note: Use the “Manage Leave Application” button to view all leave applications by the user on the leave list screen from where they can perform various actions with respect to the leave applications.

Editing Leave application

A leave application can be modified before it is approved. To edit an assigned leave unit, navigate to Leave > Apply for Leave. Click on a leave application and change the information as required (See Applying for leave). When done, click the “Save” button to save changes or the “Cancel” button to discard changes. Note: When a leave application includes handover notes, two links will be displayed at the bottom of the screen just above the “Save” button. The first link will allows the download of the attached notes while the second will clear the notes.