To enter unpaid leave for an employee, navigate to PIM > Payroll > Manage Deductions. Click on “Add” and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

  • Deduction Name: This is the unique name of the current deduction.        
  • Employee Name: This is the employee to which the deduction relates. You can enter part of the employee’s name and then click the search link to search for matching employees.
  • Deduction Type: “Unpaid leave” as the deduction type
  • From: Enter the start date for the unpaid leave
  • To: Enter the end date for the unpaid leave
  • Click the “Save” button to save the deduction
  • Click “Cancel” button to discard changes
  • Click “View Payments” to view payments which have been made by the relevant employee under the current deduction

BizsoftHRM Administrator