To create a deduction, navigate to PIM > Payroll > Manage Deductions. Click on "Add" and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

Deduction Name: This is the unique name of the current deduction.

Employee Name: This is the employee to which the deduction relates. You can enter part of the employee’s name and then click the search link to search for matching employees.

Deduction Type: Select "Fixed" or "Amortized" as the deduction type

Fixed: Use this for deductions which are not repayments such as employee lateness deduction

Amortized: Use this for deductions which have a reducing balance based on payments made such as loans

Principal: This is the initial value of an amortized deduction such as loan

Amount: This is the amount to be deducted from employee pay each month

Expiry Date: This is the date on which a fixed deduction no longer get deducted from employee pay

Status: Select "Active" or "Expired" as the deduction status

Active: A deduction which is included in future pay cycles

Expired: A deduction which does not get included in future pay cycles

Click the "Save" button to save the deduction

Click "Cancel" button to discard changes

Click "View Payments" to view payments which have been made by the relevant employee under the current deduction

Note: Deduction name is unique per employee which means the same deduction name can be used for different employees