Creating  Questions, please follow the steps below

To create a Question, navigate to Recruitment > Vacancies > Question Pool. Click on “Add” and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

  • Question Name: This is the unique Question name
  • Display Text: This is the question display text which will be shown to the applicant
  • Answer Type: Specifies the type of answer required for this question. Note: This field only applies to the “Textbox” field type
    • Text: General text which will be type on a single line. Use this where short answers are expected
    • Multiline Text: General text which will be on multiple lines. Use this where detailed answers are expected
    • Date: Date input for when a date is expected
    • Number: Number input for when a number is expected
    • Email: Email text for when an email address is expected
  • Field Type: Specifies the type of field that will be generated
    • Textbox: A textbox field will be generated which will allow the applicant to enter an answer type that matches the specified answer type
    • Dropdown: A dropdown list will be generated with options from which the applicant can select an answer
    • File Attachment: An upload control is generated which allows the applicant to upload a file i.e. V
  • Tag: Specifies the applicant personal information to which the question relates. When a tag is selected, the system will check the information provided by the applicant during registration to find a match to the specified tag and if one is found, it will be automatically filled in. As an example, if a question is tagged with “DOB”, the applicant’s date of birth will be automatically filled in. Note: It is good practice to specify a tag where relevant as this makes the application process quicker for the applicant as tagged questions will be automatically answered thus reducing the amount of fields the applicant needs to fill
  • Include in All Forms: Check this box to automatically include this question in all application forms otherwise leave Note: Once a question is created with this box unchecked


and it has been manually added to an application form, you can no longer check this box unless the question is removed from the relevant application form(s).

  • Values: Specify the options to be provided to the applicant in the dropdown list (when field type is Dropdown). Separate each value with a semi-colon (;) i.e “Yes;No;N/A” will provide 3 options namely “Yes”, “No” and “N/A”
  • Save Button: Click this button to save
  • Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel