Navigate to Training > Training Evaluation > Manage Training Surveys. Click on “Add” and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

❖ Name: This is the unique name for the Training Survey

❖ Course: Type the name of the course or part of the name then click the “Search” link

❖ Trigger Interval: Enter the number of days after which the system will create a survey for the relevant employee following course completion.

❖ Deadline from Trigger: This is the number of days within which the employee must complete the survey after it is created

❖ Header: Enter the desired heading for the survey form

❖ Footer: Enter the desired footer for the survey form

❖ Status: Select the status for the survey ie. Active

❖ Save Button: Click this button to save changes.

❖ Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel changes.

❖ Preview Survey Button: Click this button to preview the survey form a