Creating Vacancies, please follow the steps below

To create a Vacancy, navigate to Recruitment > Vacancies > Manage Vacancies. Click on “Add” and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

  • Vacancy Name: This is the unique name for the vacancy
  • Job Title: Select the appropriate job title from the list for the vacancy
  • Location: Select the appropriate location from the list for the vacancy
  • Department: Select the appropriate department from the list for the vacancy
  • Hiring Manager: Enter the full name of the hiring manager for the role. Alternatively, you can enter a part of the name and click “Search” to select an employee name from the list
  • Positions: This is the number of positions which need to be filled e. the total number of employees to be hired for this position. The total positions will be reduced each time an employee is hired for this vacancy
  • Description: This is a detailed description of the vacancy, use the formatting tools to format the description. Note: Copying and pasting from Microsoft word may cause problems because MS Word uses html tags that are not supported by the system. Always view your vacancies once published to make sure everything looks as
  • Expiry Date: This is the date on which the vacancy will
  • Type: Specifies whether the vacancy is open to just internal employees, external employees or both
  • Save Button: Click this button to save
  • Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel
  • Publish Button: Click this button to publish the vacancy. Note: The vacancy will not be shown to applicants until it is published. It will not be possible to publish a vacancy until and at least one application form is created for the
  • Archive: Click on this button to set the vacancy as archived. Archived vacancies will not be viewable by the applicant.