Please follow the steps below to make one-off changes such as overtime.


  • Create a salary component item for the “one-off” item i.e. Overtime (See “Creating Salary Component” section of the user manual for help). This step is only required once as the component can be re-used as many times as required.
  • Enter a value for relevant employees as required under the “earnings history” section of the PIM (See the “Earning History” section of the user manual for help)
  • Once payroll is run, goto salary components and select the one-off item i.e. “Overtime”
  • Edit the item and enter 0 as the default value
  • Save the item and then click the “Reset Default for all Employees” button

This will reset the one-off item i.e. Overtime back to zero for all relevant employees.


Note: If the item you created is an income item, be sure to include it in any relevant totals such as “Gross Income”

BizsoftHRM Administrator