The system allows you to fill in your roster using Microsoft Excel and then import it as an alternative to filling in the roster on the system.

      Admin > Job > Manage Employee Roster.

  • From the “Manage employee Roster” screen, click the “Upload Roster” button
  • Click on the “download the workshift list here” link to download the list if you haven’t already done so. Important: The roster upload requires using the workshift symbol which is contained in the workshift list
  • Select the relevant entries i.e. month, year, location etc.
  • Click the “Download roster CSV” button
  • Open the generated file
  • Fill the relevant Workshift code for each day of the month for relevant employees. Note: If an employee is not working on a particular day then that day should be left blank for that employee. You can edit the roster file for a previous month and make necessary modification for the current month but we strongly advise you begin the process by using the system to generate the file for a new month.
  • Save the file (Using the “Save As” option) to a location of your choice
  • Close Microsoft Excel
  • Return to the system and click the “Browse” button
  • Select the file you save from the relevant location
  • Click on the “upload” button
  • Open the result file generated and review the result for each line (scroll to the far right)