Leave module, please follow the steps below

 The Leave module contains screens and reports which help the organisation record, track and report on employee leaves and leave entitlements such as annual leaves, sickness leaves and other absences. The following sections details the various sections and screens under the Leave module.


This section contains screens which allow the configuration of various leave parameters. The section has the following screens

  • Leave Periods
  • Leave Types
  • Leave Rules
  • Work Week
  • Holidays

Leave Periods

A leave period is the date from which a leave year begins to the date it ends. In most cases it follows a calendar year i.e. the 2015 leave period could be from Jan 2015 to Dec 2015 but not always. This screen allows the user to set the organizations leave period. The leave period determines when the leave roll occurs (see Leave Roll), it is also important for calculating pro-rated leave due to staff being employed mid-way in the leave period. Below is a description of the fields in this screen

  • Start Month: This is the month in which the leave period begins
  • Start Date: This is the day of the month in which the leave period begins
  • End Date: This is the end date of the leave period. This value is automatically calculated based on 12 months after the start of the
  • Current Leave Period: This displays the full start and end date for the leave
  • Edit Button: Click this button to make changes to the leave period, click again to save changes. The end dates are automatically calculated once the changes are
  • Reset Button: Click this button to reset the start month to January and the start date to 1

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