The system supports bulk importation of employee appraisal objectives from a CSV file, this is provides a way to quickly create or modify existing objectives without having to do so one after the other.

From this screen, you will be able to import employee appraisal objectives using the provided CSV file, you will also be able to download existing objectives. Follow the steps below to upload appraisal objectives.

  • Navigate to the import objectives screen by clicking Performance > Appraisal > Import Objectives
  • Download the sample import file if you don’t already have it by clicking the link under the “Upload Steps” section.
  • Fill in the fields using the field description below
    • Employee Name: This is the full name of the employee namely, first, middle and last name. This field is compulsory
    • Appraisal Name: This is the name of the appraisal for the objective
    • Objective Name: This is the unique name of the objective to be created. If the objective name already exist, it will be edited instead
    • Goals: This is the details of the objective which will be shown on the appraisal form. If this field is left blank, the suggested objective text for the relevant KPI will be used.
    • Effective Date: This is the date from when the objective will be shown on an appraisal form.
    • Deadline Date: This is the date by which an objective need to be completed
    • Objective Type: This set the objective type (see creating objectives)
    • Individual Weight: This sets the weight for this objective. By default the objective will use the weight set for the KPI group which its KPI belongs to. However, by setting this field, the KPI group weight is overridden
    • KPI: This is the name of the KPI to which the objective is attached. Note: The KPI must already exist on the system.
  • Save the file to a location of your choice
  • From the Import objective screen, click the “browse” button
  • Select the save file from the chosen location
  • Click the “upload” button

The file will now be processed and you will be invited to download a file containing the result of the operation.

Downloading Appraisal Objectives

This feature allows the user to download the list of appraisal objectives which can be modified and then loaded back up. This feature makes is easier to make modifications to the appraisal objectives and supports bulk updates.