The system includes an external job application module which is installed at a different URL (web address), this module allows external applicants register and manage their job applications (See Appendix C). The Jobsite Sync screen provides a means by which vacancy and job application information are passed between the main system and the external job application module (external site).

Use this screen to synchronise information between the main system and the external site. A description of the fields and buttons on this screen is provided below

  • External site URL: This is the web address where the external site is located. If you have chosen to host your external site on the Bizsoft Cloud then this address will have been provided to you by your Bizsoft representatives, if you are hosting with an external provider then they will be able to provide you with the correct address. The address should be in the following format “<<External site URL>>/Upload”
  • Corporate introduction: Paste information about your company which you want the applicant to see on the jobsite here.
  • Edit Button: Click this button to make changes to the external site URL, click again to save changes.
  • Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel any pending changes
  • Synchronise external site Button: Click this button to download external applications and update the external site with vacancies and application status updates.

Note: Once a synchronisation is performed, the system will automatically schedule a bi-hourly synchronisation with the jobsite as long as there is at least one published vacancy.