This screen allows the creation of leave types which can be assigned to employees. A leave type is country specific given that entitlements vary from country to country, they can be automatically assigned to employees or manually assigned based on employee circumstances. As an example, Annual leave will likely be automatically assigned to all employees while Maternity leave will likely be assigned to pregnant employees.

From this screen you can add, edit or delete leave types

Creating Leave Types

To create a Leave Type, navigate to Leave > Configure > Leave Types, Click on “Add” and fill in the necessary fields using the information below

  • Name: This is the unique name for the leave type
  • Description: This is a brief description of the leave type
  • Unit: This is the total amount of days available for this leave type. Units can be days or hours depending on the leave rule associated with the leave type, where units are expressed in hours then this value will be multiplied by the employee’s work hours to get the total hours
  • Calculation Basis: This determines if the leave will be calculated based on the organisation’s work week or based on calendar days.
  • Country: This is the country to which this leave type will apply
  • Rule: This is the rule associated with this leave type (See rules for details)
  • Auto Assign: This determines whether the leave is automatically assigned to employees in the relevant country or manually assigned.
  • Leave is monetised: This determines whether unused days for this leave will be monetised when a staff is leaving the organisation
  • Is Annual Leave: This determines if a leave is treated as an annual leave and included in the year end leave expiration alerts
  • Leave Allowance Eligible: Determines if the leave is included in the “Approved Leave Count” (See salary components) calculation which can be used to calculate leave allowance.
  • Save Button: Click this button to save changes.
  • Cancel Button: Click this button to cancel changes.
Editing Leave Types

To edit a Leave Type, navigate to Leave > Configure > Leave Types. Click on a Leave Type, and change the information as required (See Creating Leave Types). When done, click the “Save” button to save changes or the “Cancel” button to discard changes.

Deleting Leave Types

To delete a Leave Type, navigate to Leave > Configure > Leave Types. Select the checkbox beside the Leave Type(s) you want to delete and the click the “Delete” button.