Navigate to this screen by clicking Personal Details on the side navigation panel

  • Employee ID: This is the unique employee ID which can be used to identify the employee across the organisation. Note: The system automatically generates a new employee ID based on the last ID found on the system. However, where multiple employee ID series exist, the system may not pick the correct series. Enter an employee ID in the correct series and attempt to save, if the ID is taken, the system will show the next available ID in the series
  • Title: This is the professional or social title for the employee i.e. Mr, Mrs, Dr etc
  • First Name: This is the employee’s first name
  • Middle Name: This is the employee’s middle name
  • Last Name: This is the employee’s last name
  • D.O.B: This is the employee’s date of birth
  • Marital Status: This is the employee’s marital status
  • Nationality: This is the employee’s nationality
  • Sex: This is the employee’s gender
  • Employee photo: Select a photograph for the employee by following the steps below
    • Click Browse
    • Select the right photo using the file system
    • Click Upload
  • Hired Date: This is the date on which the employee was hired
  • Confirmation Date: This is the date on which the employee’s employment was confirmed (or due to be confirmed)
  • Save Button: Click to save the employee information

BizsoftHRM Administrator