We are happy to announce the roll-out of an update to the system which contains the following enhancements.


Role requirement for leave final approval: Added functionality which allows a user to set role(s) which is required to give approval before any leave can be finally approved. This feature is useful in situations where an organisation requires sign-off by a person or department such as HR before any leave is approved.


Department Eligibility for Leave Rules: Added additional eligibility restriction to leave rule for "Departments". With this update, leave rules can now be restricted to employees based on their department


Roster Enhancement: Added Job title, Job location and Department filters to the Manage Rosters screen thus making it easy for a user to filter for just the roster relevant to them or their department


PIM upload enhancement: Enhanced the upload process for PIM data imports (including salary imports) so that the upload process now runs in the background and the 100 entries limit has been removed. Before now, the upload happens while the user wait and given the limit to the length of time an internet browser waits for a response from the server, there was a limit of a 100 entries. With this update, the upload happens in the background and the user can carry on using the software without having to wait for the upload to complete. Consequently, the system can process all upload entries in one go thus removing the previous need to break them down into batches of 100.


Job site Enhancement: Added functionality to enter welcome message which will be displayed on the dedicated job site. This is a useful way to describe the organisation to prospective applicants. The new field has been added to the jobsite sync screen Recruitment > Vacancies > Job Site Sync


New workshift type: Added functionality to create non-workday workshifts which can be seen on a work roster but treated as a non-workday. This is very useful on work roster where before now a day off is signified by an empty space on the roster thus making a time-off in lieu non distinguishable from regular day off. With this new functionality, user can now create a non-workday workshift which can be identified on the work roster but treated as a day off


Option to relax or maintain the strictness of leave approval: Added an option to choose between strict or loose leave reporting line approval. The default is “Strict” which is the way approvals currently operate where each user (who is not admin or with permission to manage employees outside their reporting line) must approve at the right level. As an example, the direct line manager for the leave applicant is a level 1 manager and the manager’s manager is a level 2 applicant and so on. The level 1 manager can only give level 1 approval and the manager’s manager can only give level 2 approval and so on. If this option is set to “Loose” then relevant managers can give approval at any level.                                                                         

Leave approval final confirmation: Added functionality to require and display a final confirmation message before final approval is given for a leave. This can be used as an example to get affirmation from the user that all necessary hand-overs have been performed before final leave approval is given to a leave applicant. You will find this option under Leave > Configure > General


Introduction screen for aptitude test: Added an introduction screen to the aptitude test screen. Use this screen to provide aptitude test instructions to the applicant. You will find this field on the manage applicant screen which can be reached by navigating to Recruitment > Aptitude Tests > Manage Aptitude Tests


Deduction start date: Added the ability to enter fixed and amortised deductions for a date in the future. With this update, a user can create a deduction once it is know about even if the deduction will commence sometime in the future


Payroll Report Screen Added a new Payroll Report screen which allows the user to easily generate payroll related reports. This screen allows the user to create and save payroll related reports which can be run and viewed in a variety of ways. See https://forum.bizsofthrm.com/chat/creating-payroll-reports for more information.



BizsoftHRM Administrator