We are happy to announce the roll-out of an update to the system which contains the following enhancements.


External authentication support - Added support for Facebook and Google logins. Users can now log in using their Facebook and / or Google accounts to log in to the system. This reduces the occurrence of forgotten passwords and account lock outs since authentication is managed by the external provider when this functionality is used. This functionality is disabled by default, follow the steps below to enable the functionality for your employees

  • Navigate to Admin > User Management > Authentication Config
  • Click the "Edit" button
  • Tick the box next to "Enable External Logins"
  • Click the "Save" button

Note: The external login is in addition to Bizsoft HRM login and consequently the employee can decide to user whichever authentication method they are comfortable with.


Enhanced re-ordering for PIM and Payroll Reports -  Display field re-ordering for payroll report and PIM report screens using "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons no longer require posting to the server thus making re-ordering of fields a lot faster


Payroll report enhancements - Payroll reports can now have their display fields modified after the initial creation. The limit for payroll item columns has also been increased to 30 items thus making the report more flexible. The payroll report provides an easier and more flexible way to view your salary schedule and other pay related reports (See manual for more details)


Custom scope for user roles - A user can now select a custom scope for a user role. This allows the user to select specific locations, employees of whom users attached to the relevant role can access. Before the update you could only select Global, Regional, National or Local scope which are all determined relative to the attached user's location.


Import functionality - Added import support for KPIs, aptitude test, training surveys and application form questions. This helps greatly reduce the amount of work required for setting up the relevant functionalities


Leave notification enhancement - Additional information is now provided in the "leave application" and "leave approval required" emails which enables an approver see application details such as dates requested, employee leave balance etc. before logging in to the system.


Password change behaviour modification - Changed the 'Change Password' behaviour so that user is redirected to the dashboard or other relevant page once password change is successful instead of being taken back to the “Change Password” screen.

BizsoftHRM Administrator