We are happy to announce the roll-out of an update to the system which contains the following enhancements.


Timesheet enhancement - Enhanced timesheet to support duration based on contracted hours. Before this enhancement users could only allocate their actual hours (based on clock-ins and clock-outs) to different tasks. With this enhancement, an option can be set so that the hours that can be allocated is based on the user’s contracted hours and not the actual hours recorded. This is useful for organisations who want to use the timesheet functionality but don’t want their staff having to clock-in and clock out. The option can be set by navigating to Time > Attendance > Configuration then setting the “Timesheet Basis” option. Note: You can’t change the timesheet basis once at least one timesheet has been created or one staff has clocked in. In such cases, all existing timesheets must be deleted before the timesheet basis option can be changed

Multiple rejection - Added functionality to allow a user reject multiple job applications at once thus removing the need to go into each application to reject them individually

Job application shortlisting for managers - Added functionality which allows a user such as HR to shortlist applications and send to the hiring manager for review. The hiring manager will receive a notification containing a link which take them directly to the job application screen showing them the applications that have been shortlisted for them. From this screen they can reject or schedule interviews as required.

Automatic user account creation - Added functionality to automatically create user accounts for selected employees who don't have a user account. This is useful where a large number employees have been created, it allows the authorised user to select all the relevant employees and have usernames and passwords created for them at the click of a button. Note: selected employees must have a work email on file as this will be used during the account creation.

Job application export - Added functionality to export all job applications for a selected vacancy to Microsoft Excel where they can be easily analysed without having to go to each application individually.

Job application attachment download - Added functionality to download job application attachments for all selected applications. This is useful for getting attachments such as applicant CVs without having to go into each application to download them. All attachments for selected applications will be saved in a compressed (zip) folder and made available for download.

Appraisal upload - Added a new screen for uploading employee appraisals. This functionality helps simplifies the appraisal creation process as all the work can be done in an Excel spreadsheet and then uploaded into the portal – See the user manual for more details. You can view this screen by navigating to Performance > Appraisals > Import Appraisals

Custom notification enhancement - Added support for sending custom notifications by location in addition to Job title, Job category, department etc.

PIM Attachment viewer - Added a new screen to view all employee attachments in one place. Before this enhancement, users had to go into the relevant section of the PIM to view the associated downloads. It meant you had to go to the correct section to view the attachment you need. However, with the new screen, all attachments for the relevant employee are listed and the section containing them is also shown. The user can click on the section to take them directly to the PIM section containing the attachment. You can view this screen by navigating to PIM > Employee List and then selecting “View Attachments” link beside the relevant employee’s name

Leave rule enhancement - Added support to leave rule to restrict leave eligibility based on employee location in addition to department, job title and job category thus offering more control with respect to leave eligibility.

Leave balance adjustment screen - Added new screen to update individual leave balances. This is useful in situation where it is necessary to adjust the leave balance of an employee or a group of employees for a specific leave type without affecting the balance of other employees for the same leave type. You can view this screen by navigating to Leave > Configure > Leave Balance Adjustment

B/F leave expiration - Enhanced leave rules to support brought forward leave expiration which allows a user to set the number of months in the new leave period after which any brought forward leave automatically expires. Useful in situations where an organisation allows employees to bring unused leave forward into the new leave period but such leave had to be used within a certain timeframe in the new year. You can access this option by navigating to Leave > Configure > Leave Rule creating or editing an existing leave rule and then accessing the “Restriction” section then setting the “C/F Expiration” value


Leave entitlement report - Added new report to view employee leave entitlements and the corresponding balances for such entitlement. You can view this screen by navigating to Leave > Reports > Leave Balances Report

BizsoftHRM Administrator