The system supports bulk importation of employee surveys questions from a CSV file, this provides a way to quickly create or modify existing surveys questions without having to do so one after the other.

From this screen, you will be able to import employee surveys questions using the provided CSV file, you will also be able to download existing employee survey questions. Follow the steps below to upload employee survey questions.

  • Navigate to the import employee survey questions screen by clicking News & Docs > Employee Surveys > Import Employee Survey Questions
  • Download the sample import file if you don’t already have it by clicking the link under the “Upload Steps” section.
  • Fill in the fields using the field description below
    • Survey Name: This is the full name of the Survey. This field is compulsory
    • Question Name: This is the unique name for the question. Note name must be unique within the same Employee Survey
    • Display Text: This is the full question text which will be shown to the respondent
    • Question Type: Valid options are “Single Response”. “Multiple Response” and “Open Ended”
    • Required: This can be a “Yes” or “No” to specify if the question must be answered before the form can be submitted.
    • Values: Enter the selectable options separated by semi-colon (;). This is oly required for single and multiple response type questions
  • Save the file to a location of your choice
  • From the Import Employee Survey screen, click the “browse” button
  • Select the save file from the chosen location
  • Click the “upload” button

BizsoftHRM Administrator