Location Capturing,please follow the steps below

When the “Require Location” setting is set to “Yes”, the system will capture the user’s location as part of the Punch In or Punch Out process which could prove quite useful for organizations where employees regularly work in the field.

The user’s location will be most accurate when they login from a mobile device with GPS capability such as IPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry phones. Obtaining the user’s location through GPS is the preferred method but when mobile devices without GPS are used (or GPS is unavailable), “Cell tower triangulation” is used instead (determining the location using mobile cell towers), this is less


accurate than GPS but accurate enough to provide the required information. Finally if neither GPS nor Cell tower triangulation is available, the system attempts to determine the user’s location through the device’s IP address, this is the least accurate method and will only be used as a last resort.

Note: Permission is required from the user before location can be obtained and if this permission is denied or the system is unable to obtain the user’s location for another reason while “Require Location” setting is set to “Yes”, the user will be unable to Punch In or Punch Out.

Automatic Punch In / Punch Out

If the employee punched in on a date prior to the current day (i.e. working hours straddle 2 different days such as a night worker) then the system automatically logs the employee out at 11:59 PM and log them back in at 12:01 AM.


If an employee logs in at 7PM on 25/03/2015 and logs out at 7AM on 26/03/2015, the system will automatically create the following attendance records

  • Record 1

o  Punch In: 25/03/2015 19:00:00

  • Punch In Note: <<Any note that was entered, blank if nothing was entered by the employee>>

o  Punch Out: 25/03/2015 23:59:00

  • Punch Out Note: Automatic Punch Out
  • Record 2

o  Punch In: 26/03/2015 00:01:00

  • Punch In Note: Automatic Punch Out

o  Punch Out: 26/03/2015 07:00:00

  • Punch Out Note: <<Any note that was entered, blank if nothing was entered by the employee>>