Punch In / Punch Out ,please follow the steps below

This screen allows the currently logged in employee to record start times (Punch In) and end times (Punch Out) for an attendance record. An employee can punch in and out as many times as required during the day to accurately record the time spent actually working in the office. As an example, the employee should punch out at the start of their lunch hour and punch back in after lunch is over.

Short breaks where employee is assumed to still be working do not need to be recorded (i.e. no punch out is required).

Navigate to this screen by clicking Time > Attendance > Punch In / Punch Out. Details of the fields on this screen is explained below

  • Punched In Time: This will show the time the employee logged in (in a case where the employee is already punched in)
  • Date: This will be the current date
  • Time: This is the punch in / out time depending on whether the employee is currently punch in or punched out. The field is automatically populated with the current time but it is possible to change the time if the configuration settings
  • Note: Any related notes
  • Punch In / Punch Out button: Depending on whether the employee is currently punch in or punched out, you will see a Punch In or Punch Out button, click on it to complete the process.


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