We are happy to announce the roll-out of an update to the system which contains the following enhancements.


Simplified Roster Download -  Simplified the way in which existing rosters can be downloaded into Excel. Users will now see a download link beside each roster which can be clicked to immediately download the roster in an Excel readable format from where is can be modified


Variance Report – This new report allows the user to compare up to two payroll components across two periods and the report shows differences and percentage differences (Delta) in the components between the selected periods. The report can be viewed in detail or summarised by location, job title, department etc.


Location Filter for employee list – A new filter option has been added to the employee list screen which allows a user to filter the employee list by location


Profile Close Button – A close button has been added to the bottom of the PIM sections (left navigation pane) on employee profile details screen I.e. Personal Details, Contact details etc. This button takes the user back to the employee list while maintaining any filters that was previously applied to the employee list screen


Leave Approvers and Reminders – An additional option “View current approvers” has been added to the actions list on the leave list screen. This option shows you a screen which contain a list of employees who can give approval for the current level of the selected leave application. From this screen, an employee will be able to click a button which will send a reminder to approvers reminding them of the pending application thus providing the leave applicant a way of chasing up their leave application.


Leave Management Button – A “Manage Leave Applications” button has been added to the leave application screen which transports the user to the leave list screen showing only the user’s leave applications for the current year and allowing the user to perform required action on the leave such as cancelling, viewing approval chain, viewing approvers etc.


Unconfirmed Employees Report – The system now includes an unconfirmed employees report which shows employees who have their confirmation date in the future or have no confirmation date at all. This report can be accessed by clicking “more info” from the “Unconfirmed Employees” metric on the dashboard or by navigating to PIM > Reports > Unconfirmed Employees Report


Leaver and Joiners Report – The head count report (PIM > Reports > Head Count Report) now has the option to generate the head count report or a leavers and joiners report. This new report shows the leavers and joiners within the selected period, breaking them down by location and gender.

BizsoftHRM Administrator