We are happy to announce the roll-out of an update to the system which contains the following enhancements.


Added new module for Entry & Exit Management – The system now fully supports onboarding and offboarding which help track important tasks when an employee joins or leaves the organisation. This module automatically creates and tracks system tasks but also allows authorised users to create and manage user tasks. Below is a list of system tasks which can be automatically generated by the system

Missing Info

This is a system generated onboarding task which tracks important parts of an employee’s information which are yet to be completed. The information tracked are address, bank details, department, employment status, job category, job title, location, mobile phone number, reporting lines, salary package, work email and work shift.

Onboarding Training

This onboarding task tracks onboarding training for which the new employee is registered. This task will be automatically marked as completed once all training has been completed by the new employee. Note: Any training for which the employee is registered with a starting date within one month of the new employee’s hired date will be classed as onboarding training.

Assets Held

This offboarding task tracks assets assigned to the exiting employee which are yet to be returned. This task will be automatically marked as completed once all assets held by the exiting employee has been returned.


This offboarding task tracks deductions attributable to the exiting employee which are yet to be fully amortised (in the case of amortised deductions) or have an expiration date which is later than the exiting staff’s termination date (in the case of fixed deductions). Clicking on this task will show you details of each outstanding deduction and the monetary value of such deduction. Note: You can aggregate the total values of all the outstanding deduction and create a one-off deduction which will be taken out from the employee’s final salary after which all the other deductions can be marked as expired.

Leave Monetisation

This offboarding task tracks the unused days for leaves marked as “monetised” to which the exiting employee is entitled to (See adding leave types). The number of unused days is multiplied by the monetisation basis (See onboarding / offboarding configuration) to get the total amount payable to the employee because of the unused days


Menu Collapse – "My Info”, “Dashboard”, “People”, “Org Chart” which were individual top level menu items have now been collapsed into “Others” menu item as sub menu items. To access any of the aforementioned menu items, just navigate to “Others” and then select the appropriate item.


New “Approval is final” permission -  This new permission allows users who possess it to give final approval regardless of the current approval level and how many of such approvals are required. To give this permission, follow the steps below

  • Navigate to Admin > User Management > User Roles
  • Click on the role to which you want to add the permission
  • In the functions section, click the “Function” drop down and select “Approval is final”
  • Tick the “View Permission” check box
  • Click the “Save” button to save the changes made


Audit Trail enhancement– The audit trail functionality has now been expanded to track changes to Employee rosters.


Leave and Training Calendar enhancement– The leave and training calendars have been simplified to make them easier to use. Navigating to the leave or training calendar now shows the calendars immediately without the need to select employee names first. Once the calendar is shown, you may use the search fields to modify your filter criteria and click the “Search” button if required


Attachment Size increase – Maximum attachment size has now been increased from 1MB to 10MB for all relevant screens

BizsoftHRM Administrator