We are happy to announce the roll-out of an update to the system which contains the following enhancements.


Increased range of supported biometric devices - This update adds support for fingerprint machines supporting "ADMS push technology". The result of this is that the system can work with a wide range of devices and in most cases support clients existing device. It also means that supported devices can communicate and be managed directly from the Bizsoft HRM portal without a need for a middleware (external software) , you should speak to your Bizsoft representative to see if your existing device is supported.

New Biometric Device Management Screen – Added a new screen to manage supported biometric devices and includes functions such as

  • Adding, editing and deleting employees remotely from the device
  • Copying employees (including digitised fingerprint strings) from one device to another. This means you can register an employee on one device and have the employee clock-in and clock-out from multiple devices at different locations
  • Getting employee’s recorded time in real-time (depending on your network conditions).


The new screen can be accessed by navigating to Time > Attendance > Biometric Device Management (See user manual for more details). Note: This screen is only relevant to clients with biometric devices, you should speak to your Bizsoft representative to see if your existing device is supported.

Objective automatic creation – This functionality simplifies the process of creating / updating appraisals by allowing a user to automatically create / update appraisals and objectives for multiple employees based on selected KPI from the KPI screen (See manual for more details)

Employee ID selection enhancement - Added functionality to provide the next available employee ID when the selected one is unavailable. When a user attempt to create a new employee, the system automatically fills in the Employee ID field with the next available ID based on the ID series found. However, where multiple ID series exist (i.e. ABC001, XYZ001 etc), the system may not pick the right one thus causing the user to manually find the next available ID for the right series. This enhancement simplifies the process by checking any ID provided by the user and if already in use, it informs the user of the next available ID in the entered series.

Job description and department screen enhancement - Added search functionality to job description and department screens      

Increased paycycle flexibility – Before this update, the system assumes the paycycle starts on the 1st day of the month and ends on the last day of the month. This enhancements allows an authorised user to set the start day for the company pay cycle and the system automatically determines the end based on the selected day. As an example, if an authorised user, sets the start date to “23” then the pay period for December 2017 for instance becomes “23/11/2017 – 22/12/2017”

BizsoftHRM Administrator